Upon finishing chargen, you will be granted conditional approval from staff provided your app meets with some basic requirements. Conditional approval will give you the ability to go forth and RP on the grid, but you will remain on probation until three players have vouched for you.

While on probation, you may be asked to return to chargen if problems are found with your application. Causing trouble during your probationary period may result in being swiftly removed from the grid. But primarily, the vouch system is designed to encourage you to get RPing and to provide existing players some say over who they would like to play with.

After each scene, you may politely remind the other players that you are in need of vouching. There is a command that you can use to do so (see '+help vouch' for more information). Do not harass players for vouches and don't take it personally if not everyone you RP with chooses to vouch for you.

If, after two weeks, you are still having difficulty getting enough vouches, please speak with staff to arrange for an audition instead.

Limitations of Probation

Players on probation enjoy most of the same benefits and responsibilities as fully-approved players, with only a few exceptions.

  1. You may not vouch for other players until you are fully-approved.
  2. You may not apply for an alt while an existing character is on probation.
  3. You may not apply for an IC leadership position until you have at least one character fully-approved.