Wherever possible, we ask that characters reside in on-grid residences that already exist. This keeps us from having to build a lot of apartment buildings all over the grid, and brings people together to help facilitate RP. Currently, the following on-grid buildings exist:

Name Location Price Range Info
The Opulencia Upper East Side $$$$$ Luxury high-rise for the extremely rich.
The Manchester Upper East Side $$$-$$$$ Aging but beautiful building for the upper middle-class.
Store-Top Lofts Greenwich Village $$$-
Trendy upper middle-class lofts in the Village.
Tudor City Apartments Turtle Bay $$$ Co-op apartments and condos located next to the UN.
Putnam's Textiles Building Lower East Side $$-
Offices and apartments available in run-down old factory.
Rooming House Harlem $-$$ Cheap rooms to rent with communal kitchen and bathroom.

To obtain your own room or apartment, please submit a +request to staff. Each player may have a maximum of three on-grid rooms per apartment. By default, you'll be given one to start - please let us know if you need more.

Other units may be added from time-to-time. If you have a particular need for something different, please discuss with staff and we will try to accommodate.

Short and long-term accommodations are also available at the hotels and motels on grid. For short stays, just use one of the existing rooms of the hotel. If you would like to arrange for a long-term stay, you can +request to be provided your own room.

Division recruits will be given a single-room dorm in the HQ. Feel free to submit a +request to get your own.

Name Location Price Range Info
Waldorf=Astoria Midtown $$$-
Luxury guest rooms available in a landmark building.
Tudor Hotel Turtle Bay $$-$$$$ Part of the Tudor City complex, the Tudor hotel offers mid-range guest rooms and high-end suites only one block from the UN headquarters.
Oasis Motel Queens $-$$$ A run-down one-storey motel located close to JFK.

These are rough guidelines only:

$$$$$ = Filthy rich $$$$ = Upper class $$$ = Middle class $$ = Working class $ = Poor