• If you want to roleplay but don't know where to start after you're approved, we've implemented the +lrp/announce command, which will broadcast your intent to roleplay to the whole grid.
  • While we realize that RP can be isolating for Division types in particular (specifically recruits), don't hesitate to ask other agents for RP. That also doesn't mean that if able, you should not get out and RP your cover lives. It can set you up with potential connections for the in the future. Asking for RP and plotting on Division's private channel is encouraged.
  • It is not okay to hound someone for RP. Sitting around idle is boring, but maybe if someone does not respond to your pages or has an excuse every time you proposition them, it's time to move on and find another RP partner. It is never okay to make someone feel guilty for not scening with you or make them feel like they have to. This is considered a form of harrassment and will be punished as such.