• Staff will never 'affiliate' themselves with a player. If someone without a drug name approaches you and says, 'I'm on staff', they may not be. Currently we have four staffers to date. Amphetamine, Codeine, Nembutal and Soma are the only ones that you should ever page in regards to staff matters and vice versa.
  • If an actual staff member ever pages to talk to you about something, please don't get scared or upset. But please do cooperate. Staff does not get paid for this. They are here to have fun like everyone else. If you cannot act like an adult when staff asks you to change something, log out and come back when you can.
  • Staff will never out alts to other players or release sensitive plot information to other players.
  • Staff is here to help you. We ask that you help them by being cooperative and polite, as staff will be to you.