When Division gives a recruit or agent a new mission, they are said to be "activated".
A Division operative who has completed recruit training and made their first kill. Agents usually live outside of Division HQ with a cover life, but are still always on the clock.
Calling a Clean
When a mission is botched, Division will call a clean, which involves killing everyone involved, including innocents - and even the active agent.
Recruits and agents are never fired - they're canceled. Which involves killing them and covering all traces.
An area/department in Division; used as a noun. (e.g. 'Michael is in Communications.')
An agent who has been specially trained to kill without remorse and dispose of the bodies. One of the most prestigious ranks at Division. Also responsible for covering up kills and making them look accidental, like suicide, etc.
Deep Cover
A mission where the agent goes deep undercover, usually living and operating amongst the enemy with minimal contact to Division.
Honey Trap
An agent (usually a woman), who uses seduction in order to get closer to a target. (e.g. 'I was a honey trap, but he turned out to be gay.')
The head torturer at Division. A position currently held by Amanda.
Listen and Learn
A mission that is simply gathering intel, usually by going undercover.
Shorthand name for the operations room, used as a noun. (e.g. 'You're needed in Operations.')
Cleaners who excel may become Reapers - those responsible for "canceling" recruits and agents who have failed to perform to expectations or otherwise pose a liability to Division. Reapers may also be called upon to kill loved ones and anyone thought to be distracting an agent from his/her mission.
A young person, who has usually run afoul of the law, brought in by Division for training as a potential agent.
Regimen, The
A discontinued drug enhancement program once used by Division. Although the program has been officially disbanded due to withdrawal causing destabilizing side effects (in the key of crazy), Percy's Guardians remain on the Regimen.
A demeaning name for recruits. (e.g. 'Scrubs who don't pass the basics don't last very long.')
A creation of Birkoff's (and the name causes everyone but Birkoff to cringe). Shadownet is a backdoor system that has access to every mainframe and database Division needs to pull up on a regular basis (FBI, CIA, police, etc.).
Espionage skills.
An assassination mission or one otherwise focused primarily upon killing.

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