TS, or TinySex, is the act of roleplaying out a sex scene in detail. Admin makes no judgement calls on the appropriateness of these scenes. However, we do have some guidelines to which we ask you adhere.

  1. Please be certain that any participants in a TS scene are of the age of majority and/or consent. While we are an 18+ game, it is your responsibility to make sure your partner(s) is/are actually over the age of consent in their locality.
  2. ALL participants must be completely consenting to the scene. A player is only thought to be consenting if they have outright stated that they are comfortable with proceeding (lack of protest, in other words, is not interpreted as consent).
  3. Any such scenes must be done in a private area, such as a bedroom, where no other characters are likely to intrude.
  4. Any scenes submitted to the logs list should have any gratuitous parts removed and replaced with a 'fade to black'.
  5. Be careful with the mavs, as much for your protection as ours.

No player MUST participate in TS. Even if you are playing a concept like a prostitute, you may request that everything beyond PG-13 merely be assumed in a 'fade to black'. If you are uncomfortable with a scene, DO speak up and inform the other player OOCly. If they persist, contact an admin and pause the scene until arbitration can step in.