This game makes use of a vouch code in order to allow you, the players, some say in who you want to RP with.

After players have finished chargen, their apps will be briefly reviewed by staff and then granted conditional approval, providing their application fits with the theme and has no major gaps.

After receiving conditional approval, players may begin RPing on the grid, but will be considered on probation until they have been vouched for by three established players.

Once you are approved and fully vouched for yourself, you may begin vouching for other players (see '+help vouch' for instructions). You are in no way obligated to vouch for a player and should only do so if, after RPing with them, you agree that they would be a beneficial addition to the game.

Some basic rules for vouching:

  1. You may not vouch for your own alts. This may result in all of your characters being placed back on probation.
  2. You can use your alts to vouch the same character multiple times, provided you have actually RPed with the character on each alt and been satisfied each time.
  3. You should not feel obligated to vouch for every probationary player you RP with. If a new player is pressuring you, please report this to staff.
  4. Do not beg people for vouches, whether they be friends or people who don't know any better, especially if you have not RPed with them. There is a +vouch/remind command that will send out a friendly reminder to those who you are a scene with. It should get your point across adequately.