The game takes place in a heightened reality of a real-world equivalent that subscribes to action-movie physics, laws and logic. On the surface, the game world very much resembles our own, with the same technology, music, movies and television shows… things just have a tendency to blow up a lot more often.

Much of the action centers around Division, an arms-length organization first put together by the U.S. government in order to handle the country's dirty laundry.

Most people, including those within the government itself, do not know Division even exists and those few higher-ups who do know will go to great lengths to deny it. The unlucky few who stumble across the truth have a nasty habit of turning up dead before they can tell anyone else.

A shady group of powerful officials has Oversight of Division, but has lost control of the organization. The head of Division, Percy, has gone to great lengths to collect dirt on the government's black ops over the years, information which could tear the world apart if it went public. Percy has safeguards in place to ensure that is exactly what will happen if anything should befall him or his beloved organization.