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Portrayed by Maggie Q

Known Aliases: Josephine, Niki
Date of Birth: 1983-84 (age 27)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Her own
Position: The boss
Specialty: All of them
Fame: Being one of the best and brightest of Division who busted out and went rogue.

A Division Agent gone rogue with vengeance on her mind.

To established Agents, she's someone who betrayed Division and became the first to escape. To new recruits, she's a name whispered in hallways and the person their accomplishments are measured against. Despite the fact that she betrayed her captors and intends to bring them down, her name is still spoken with grudging respect. Percy and Amanda are always on the lookout for "the next Nikita."

Within Division, her tactics, tradecraft and infiltration abilities were second-to-none. It's just too bad for them that loyalty to her captors was not one of her virtues.

Their greatest asset has gone rogue. Worse than that, she's turning the muzzle on them. How she's going to do that is yet to be determined. She's been silent for the past three years. She's only recently stuck her head up and made her presence known to Division. So far, Percy and Amanda are keeping her return on the down-low so as not to ignite too much curiosity from the recruits.

Why did she do it? That's the first question new recruits who hear about her usually ask. If she was the best, if she was at the top of her game, saving the world, et cetera, why did she go rogue? If any answer is given at all, it's simply that she got too close to someone on the outside.

(Note: If you are an established Division agent and want to have known Nikita while she was an agent, please talk to me. We can work something out. Same goes for other factions. I'm up for establishing previous grudges/tentative truces/acquaintanceships. The only thing I'd like to avoid is previous close friendships or personal adversarial relationships. I find that kind of thing hard to establish in backstory.)


In her recruit days, Nikita was known for being a wiseass and a smart-mouth. She was also a bit cocky, confident and deadly. As she's aged, many of those qualities have tempered. Well, except the deadly part. Before, she killed for Division out of a sense of duty. The occasional mission came up that was more important than that, but for the most part, she carried out her orders out of a sense of loyalty and obligation to the people who saved her life.

These days, she's damaged goods. She is focused almost single-mindedly on her goal of bringing down Division. Her life is already over for her, as far as she's concerned. She holds no true illusions of ever leading a happy, normal life. Her sole intention is to take down Percy and stop any other young people from being conscripted to kill as she was. She falters when asked "then what?" if she does succeed in taking down Division.
She also has a protector instinct a mile wide. Despite her razor focus on Percy, she will occasionally give up on her own plans and goals if it saves someone.

At the start of her campaign, she doesn't have much to lose. But the more she conscripts the help of others, the more she feels an obligation to protect them.



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Watch For

  • Long-term Division agents would know who she is, and may have been around when she busted free. She's been off the radar for nearly a year, but is starting to make her presence known again.
  • There's a dozen recruit records that Nikita either holds or is towards the top of the list. Division may or may not have redacted her name from the leader boards.
  • One of the tactics she might employ is recruiting Division potentials before they become Division agents.


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Icon Name Notes
alex.jpg Alex Protege Alex and Nikita are a team. She got the girl clean and trained her so that she would make the perfect Division recruit. Nikita admires her courage and strength. She will protect Alex even if it means damaging her overall mission to get Percy.