Name Age Affiliation Position
Ari Taserov ?? Gogol Head of NY operations
Boris Gavrilov ?? Gogol Assassin
Cross 32 FBI Field Operative
Gregory 'Tracer' Jenson 31 Unknown Unknown
Hiro Koga 59 Independent Leader
Jaden ?? Division Recruit
Kai 26 Independent Assassin
Michael ?? Division Operative
Nathan ?? Civilian DJ
Owen Elliot ?? Division Guardian
Percy ?? Division Head
Rejoy Angel 32 CIA Director, NY field office
Roan ?? Division Cleaner
Ryan Fletcher ?? CIA Analyst
Thom ?? Division Recruit

Note: If an NPC is listed as Open for Apps, the character is available to be applied for and played by a player. After a successful application, the NPC becomes a full PC. You should discuss this with staff first, because there may be more defined about the character than appears on the wiki page.