Parker Lewis

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Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder

Parker Julian Lewis
Known Aliases: Michael Charles, Chance Elliot, Damon Salvatore & Neal Caffrey
Date of Birth: April 1, 1986 (age 25)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Independent
Position: Con Artiste
Specialty: Cons. Forgery. Sex.
Fame: Nothing. As far as you know…

A swindler by tradition, Parker Lewis lives to con, cheat, and steal. It's the American Way.

It all started when I was a twinkle in my father's eye…

To be perfectly honest, if you knew who my father was, then you knew what I was destined to be. Hell, if you knew who my father's father was, then you knew what I was destined to be. It's the kind of thing that runs in the family, y'know? It's sort of like a family tradition. Your parents might've wanted you to be a doctor. They might've wanted you to be a lawyer or a cop. My dad? He just wanted me to help people. He wanted me to go out there and do whatever it took to make sure I brought people the best days of their lives.

That's what I'm here to give you.

So, before you even think about signing anything, I'm going to tell you how I managed to become what I am today. Then you'll know that I'm living proof that the same thing can happen to you.

We didn't have a lot of money growing up. My father spent every waking moment he wasn't taking care of home, taking care of someone else. He was just like that. He used to take me on jobs with him and I would do whatever he asked me to do. I was all young and eager to learn. It was fun working with Pop. We helped a lot of people do a lot of things. We helped people reach their dreams and it felt really good.

I took what my father taught me and ran with it. Mostly? I did things in school. I helped the cheerleading squad make it to Nationals. I helped half the varsity football team graduate. I helped the whole varsity basketball team graduate. Hell, I even helped the principal get back together with his ex-wife. That's another story for another day. But that's what I do. I bring people together. I take what you have, find somebody that needs what you have and I bring the two of you together for the opportunity of a lifetime.

The road got rough. Pop was gone, so everything was on Mom. She did what she could, but she couldn't do everything. So I helped out as much as I could. I would do odd jobs here and there and pass along any cash I could to her. We couldn't afford for me to go to college, so I just kinda' learned things as I went. I seemed to have this knack for picking things up on the spot, y'know? It's how I got through high school, anyway.

Apparently, my father left me a stash that I didn't even find until I was about 22. it was a huge nest egg that he had been waiting for the right time to give me. I don't know if I found it too early, but it sure as hell was the right time. I financially secured Mom and made sure she was squared away, before I decided it was time to do something productive with my life. I couldn't just keep hopping around from job to job, hoping to land something mediocre enough that I could see myself dealing with all day. That wasn't going to be my life. I wasn't going to be a worker drone for someone else. I wasn't going to sit on my ass, shuffle papers and make someone else money.

Is that what you want to do?

Of course you don't. That's why I started Evasive Enterprises. I call it that because I refuse to be pigeon-holed into something society wants me to be. They preach all day long about how you should do this and do that. About how you should dress this way and act this way. It's true… if you want to be part of the system. But I don't want to be part of their system. I want to make my own way. I want to make my own path and my own money.

I want the same thing for you. And together, you and I can make the same things happen for your friends and their friends and their friends. It's all about networking, believing in what we're all about and making sure that we all are on the same page. Nobody is anybody's boss at Evasive Enterprises. We all get out of it what we put into it.


I traveled a lot. I still do. Being a part of this company allows me to do that. I'm not stuck in a desk. I can go where I want, when I want and offer opportunities to everyone that I want. Did you know I speak over nine different languages? Yeah. I learned those while I was out globetrotting for who? My Boss. And who's my boss? That's right. Me.

My life is what it is today because I believed in myself enough to take the risk and go for it. My father gave me the opportunity, my heart gave me the drive and now I'm sitting here, offering you that same opportunity.

I'm not here to ask you for money. That's not what this is about.

I'm not here to tell you that you're going to be rich. That's not what this is about. You can be, but that's not why I'm here.

I'm not even here to tell you my life story, but I did.

All I want you to do is trust me. I need you to trust me with your future. I need you to understand that I don't make any money off you. I don't get anything but the satisfaction of knowing that I helped another person realize that they don't have to sit idly by while everyone else around them makes their own dreams come true.

If you want what I have, then I apologize for wasting your time.

But if you have a dream. If you really want to be something. Be somebody. All you have to do is trust me.

I'm Chance Elliot.
Your Last Chance.

Who Is He?

Franklin Richards. Bryce Larkin. Alex Masters. Ray, what the hell am I supposed to do with all these? Ray? Ray! This isn't funny, Ray!

Figures. Haze the new girl. Remind me why I wanted to be in the FBI again?

There has to be about thirty different files here. I cannot believe this guy is all of these guys. Nobody's that good.

He's smart, I'll give him that. Most of these aliases are fictional in some kind of way. Which makes trying to zero in on any similarities or pattern pretty impossible. Hard to google 'Franklin Richards' and come up with anything but the Fantastic Four. I don't even know why I know that. Sly devil. He never uses the same alias twice. Except for Parker Lewis. Maybe that's the key to finding this guy. He has to keep using that name for a reason.

These cons are pretty consistent. They're all long-term, so he goes in for the big scores. That makes him goal-oriented. I can use that. I'm thinking once I find him, it shouldn't be too hard to get him interested. Throw a few bones his direction, get him to sniff around and then I'll bag his narrow ass.

Hrm. He changed his game up as Bryce. He seemed to get a little more hands on. Slipped up and let a few pictures of himself get taken. Whoa… okay, these weren't posed for, I bet.


Looks like he's got a soft spot for the ladies. Okay, I'm definitely going to need a new bra. Those are… wow.

Moving on!

Now this is interesting. All these transactions lead to the same dummy account. Evasive Enterprises huh? Well, that's certainly subtle as a brick. Cocky bastard. He probably thinks he's cute too. I can spell the textbook narcissim a mile away. He thinks he can't be touched. So he just throws the con in his mark's face… until they can't see the double-cross coming. Not bad, Mr. Lewis. But I'm all over you.

Wait. That came out wrong.

I don't see any history of violence. So he's more into the games than he is into hurting people. Excluding financially, of course. Based on what it looks like he's earned from these jobs, he can't be hurting for cash. So why keep at it? Cheap thrills? The women? The exotic locales and… very expensive suits? Seriously, who spends five grand on a suit?

This guy's too good to be true. And he knows it. He's got no problem throwing it in our faces either. It's like he wants us to chase him.

Well, Mr. Larkin-Masters-Richards-Elliot-Lewis? You're on.

I'm going to need some more coffee.

Victoria Cross. FBI.

My Secret Identities

As a master Con Artiste, there are certain identities that Parker Lewis keeps up on a regular basis. These are them. Perhaps you've heard of (or slept with) some of them…



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