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Portrayed by Crispin Glover

Known Aliases: Samson, Prisoner #6570534
Date of Birth: Friday, April 13, 1979 (age 32)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: CIA
Position: Boogeyman
Specialty: Torture and Murder
Fame: Performing the more unpleasant jobs…

CIA Boogeyman

Little is actually known about Samson. What little is known are nothing more but rumors and false information.



  • List of events character has been part of.

Watch For

  • Him to appear when the shit hits the fan.


"I wish I could tell you this won't hurt, but then I'd be lying."


Theme Song

Song Dedication/Theme Lyrics
I'm Your Boogeyman by Rob Zombie Reputation/Theme Song I'm your boogieman | That's what I am | I'm here to do whatever I can
Eyes on Fire as performed by Blue Foundation Personality I'll seek you out | Flay you alive | One more word and you won't survive


Note: Anyone is welcome to add IC rumors about Samson. Not all of them are true.

  • Samson is never seen except when called for a job.
  • Any recruit who messes up badly will get sent to Samson.
  • Samson has killed over 10,000 people.