Tamara Carver

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Portrayed by January Jones

Tamara Carver
Known Aliases: Many
Date of Birth: Jan. 22 1980 (age 31)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: My own
Position: Mercenary
Specialty: Infiltration
Fame: Wanted in four countries.

A mercenary adrenaline-junkie with a knack for infiltration.

Tamara doesn't speak much about her past. She's known in certain unsavoury circles for being an excellent infiltrator and cat burglar. Over the past seven years, she's made a name for herself all over the world, running some high-profile crimes and then disappearing, only to pop up later under a different identity.

She's now turned up in New York, under the name Tamara Carver, an emergency management consultant who is quickly getting to know all the A-listers in town. She's often seen at the clubs or high-profile parties, although no one really knows much about her.


2011 07 07: Come Here Often? ashley tamara thomas
2011 07 03: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes geoff tamara thomas
2011 07 02: Divide and Conquer diamonds tamara thomas
2011 06 27: I Just Shot Miki in the Face ashley diamonds tamara thomas
2011 06 27: I Can Explain diamonds rebekah tamara thomas
2011 06 27: Domestic Violence diamonds tamara thomas
2011 06 26: Grand Central anya eli rebekah tamara theo thomas
2011 06 25: Making Friends? rebekah tamara
2011 06 25: Know Your Neighbors tamara thomas
2011 06 24: Tough Love ashley tamara
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  • Diamonds are Forever
    • Will being shot in the leg be enough to dissuade Tamara? Only time will tell (but no).

Watch For

  • Her knack for changing accents as easily as most people change shoes.
  • Her deep-seated daddy issues.
  • Her inexplicable knowledge of spy tradecraft.
  • Her tendency to show up on the arm of some of the most powerful and popular men in Manhattan.


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