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Portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler

Theodore Michael Rothchilde
Known Aliases: Theo, Roth
Date of Birth: Feb.14.1982 (age 29)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None..literally..He doesn't have a faction.
Position: The Doctor
Specialty: Biological - Chemical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pseudo Sciences, Physics and Applied Mathematics, Pharmacology and Medicine.
Fame: Theodore Rothchilde is known as one of the most innovated minds around, His IQ score at 196.

Scientist who knows no bounds..

Theo is approachable by any faction, He is for hire by anyone whose checks clear. He is also rumored to be a researcher and scientist for DARPA.

Brief History

Theodore Michael Rothchilde was born Feb.14.1982 in the Basque country of France, His mother Nicole Lanae Eskerladen was the eldest daughter of Norwegian Industrialist Otto Eskerladen from Oslo. While his father Henrich Rothchilde the Fourth is the eldest son of the Lord Henrich Rothchilde the third.
Theodore or Theo as the family came to call him in the privacy of their home was from a young age considered gifted. His ability to quickly pick up on things noticeable even as a toddler as he proved to be able to learn things far quicker then most children his age. By the age of 4 with the assistance of private tutors he was already learning things far beyond his level. Also that year his family moved to New York City, NY in the United States due to his mother's career as a fashion designer and his father's own business intrests involving technology. At the age of five his parent's after extensive testing managed to procure him one of the much coveted spots at Eaton Prepratory School in the United Kingdom. During his time at Eaton he proved to be among their most gifted and advanced students, Where most would not leave the halls of the prepratory until the age of 13 he graduated from their at the age of 9 spending 4 short years at the school only to go onto Eaton College which in truth was not a college in the American terms and understanding simply a boarding school of higher education located just 5 miles from the prepratory. He found difficulty in the new surroundings given his age and the diffrence between him and the other classmates as well as his high capacity for learning and grasping things easier then his peers. While at Eaton he furthered his studies in the languages of French as well as was taught Latin and Italian as classical language is a key focus for the students there. At the age of 14 he gradutated at the top of his class at Eaton and moved back to the states.
Upon returning to the United States his mother moved her fashion operations to Cambridge, MA so that she could be there with Theo as he attended the highly regarded MIT. His course studies centered in the fields of Biological - Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. While most take 6 years to complete their doctorates in those fields Theo was able to do so in just under 4 years, Shortly after while trying to obtain entrance to John Hopkins he was given an IQ test that was officiated and overseen by MENSA. The test revealed that Theo was in the top 2 percent of academics in the country and very likely the world. His test revealing him to have an IQ of 196. A score that was near off the charts, Further testing revealed that he was suffering from Aspergers among other things…
Since turning 18 Theo has managed to gain a few more degree's ranging from basic Masters in Physics and applied mathemematics to a Medical Degree. He works for various groups as a specialist within Unconventional Sciences and research as well as holds government contracts.



  • List of events character has been part of.


  • Aspergers Syndrome: Asperger syndrome or Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported.
  • Chemical Dependency: // Theo is addicted to several prescription and recreational drugs, He views them as a means to expand his perceptions and push past the conventional confines of science and technology..
  • Myopic: // Theo is normally very set once he has the mind to do something to the point of being very myopic. Lacking tolerance of others who attempt to disuade or hinder him and even sometimes those who are trying to help him. He has a sort of tunnel vision and will not be distracted once his mind is set to something.
  • Missing Moral Compass: Theo does not seem to have qualms about testing his idea's, drugs, or inventions on ''ANYONE''. He believes that limiting himself limits his pursuit of higher understanding and greater breakthroughs.

Watch For

  • His use of psychotropic drugs..Most times..ones he has made himself.
  • That pungent smell of marijuana..Chances are he may be stoned..
  • Long segues about random things during conversations.
  • His handy antibacterial gel or gloves before and after shaking someones hands..GERMS ARE EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOu!
  • A faint brittish accent
  • Aspergers..and all the fun that comes with it.
  • During drug induced hazes..His alternate self known as Belun..A rather odd fellow. But fun as hell to be around.
  • Experimentation.. He may just dose you and not ask first..
  • Talk of his Lab at the university..and the emporium of oddity that it has become.
  • Power outages in the Hells Kitchen area and Grenwich village areas
  • Eccentric behavior, sometimes bordering on the insane..


I think it's time for some intracranial penetration.
There is little that makes me happier than taking drugs. Perhaps administering them, designing and carrying out experiments that bend the laws of reality..But beyond that..very little.
What you said before about the consequences, I don't think of them, never have. Don't know if I can. That's not who I am.
The road back from madness is a struggle..One I gave up on a long time ago.
"You were going to call me crazy weren't you? Now I ask you..was Einstein crazy? Oppenhiemer? Leary? dont answer the last one.." In response to Eli almost calling him crazy..


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