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Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Thomas Marshall
Known Aliases: Foma Grigorovich Marchenko, Tomasz Margolis, Thomas Marshall
Date of Birth: June 1, 1978 (age 33)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Gogol
Position: Agent
Specialty: Information acquisition
Fame: Lying through his teeth

Recruited by Gogol from the Russian mob.

Buyer for an electronics firm? Polish intelligence agent? Don't believe it. (But if he has anything to say about it, you will.)


2011 06 26: Grand Central anya eli rebekah tamara theo thomas
2011 06 25: Walking on Eggshells nikita thomas
2011 06 25: Know Your Neighbors tamara thomas
2011 06 23: Tears In My Beer jezebel rebekah thomas
2011 06 23: Broadsides rebekah tamara thomas
2011 06 22: Ships Passing in the Night rebekah tamara thomas
2011 06 21: Terrible Twosomes mimi rebekah thomas van
2011 06 20: We Don't Want Any Trouble Here geoff rebekah thomas
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Watch For

  • Division agents: He may offer to help you, under the pretense of working for Polish intelligence. It's happened at least once before.
  • Anyone looking to take down Division: We have a common goal. Sort of.


Quotes by or reminiscent of character.


Icon Name Notes
irina.jpg Irina Fellow field agent. Arrived shortly before he did.
nadia.jpg Nadia Secretary at a front operation. Cat lover, forcing him to keep some distance.
tamara.jpg Tamara Neighbor with her own hand in the spy game, as revealed when her enemies started attacking her on her doorstep. Relatively steady lover. Perversely aroused by danger, which suits him fine.
cole.jpg Cole Auto mechanic, pothead, and prospective distributor for an upcoming designer drug. Comfortable with risk.