Wanted Characters

Character Concepts

  • CIA agents
  • Gogol agents
  • Division recruits
  • Division guards/trainers
  • Civilians
  • Street-level criminals

Specific Characters

Below are some specific characters our players are looking to cast. If you have a character from your background that you'd like to see played, list it below!

Name Age Synopsis Contact
Chip Collinwood-Taylor 24 Rich Boy Tech Junkie Mimi
Fritz 20s CIA's Q Branch Van
Ivy Serrano Early 20s F5's Mob Princess Lip
Gregory Jenson Early 30's Tech Savvy For Hire Winter
Lara Fox Mid-Late 20s F5's Grifter Lip
London Grace Hadley Mid 20s Law Student Wit
Mel 30s - 40s F5's Den Mother Lip
Paxton 18-19 Division Recruit; Son of Ashley Ashley
Phillip Oscar Wylde, Sr. 40s? Ex-Con Turned ??? Lip
Scout 16 - 18 F5's Snitch/Lookout Lip
Roger Taylor Early 50s New York Senator Mimi
Rome 30s F5's Street Fighter Lip
Zory Egorov Late 20s Gogol Gun Runner; Protective Big Brother Nadia
Example 99 Sample Character Amphetamine

Character Ideas

Below are some general character ideas to provide inspiration and a starting point. Feel free to grab one and start fleshing it out! You don't need to talk to anyone before beginning, but just let staff know so that we can remove it from the list.

Name Age Concept
Alana Wright 20s Middle Woman
Connor Collins 30s Shady Irish Immigrant
Fillipa Utkin 29 Gogol Agent Under Deep Cover
Grace Bishop 26 Illegal Weapon Sales
Harold Lloyd 35 Division Guard
Lela Santos 32 CIA Personal Assistant
Maggie Hawkins Mid 20s CIA Data Analyst
Maura Youngblood Late 20s Doctor
Nick Nixon 37 Reporter
Vincent Serrano Late 40s Kingpin