Andrew Carlisle
Portrayed by Some Person.
Age 35-40
Gender Male
Faction Civilian
Contact Lily

Basic Info

Andrew Carlisle is an independently wealthy business man who helped to found a large corporation called Telatrix. Telatrix is a 'communications' company, though in reality it's a cover for an underground ring of high end criminals providing falsified/forged documents and committing various types of fraud.

He was a millionaire until a few years ago when his personal assistant/secretary Lily stole some very important data from him and used it to start her own businesses. He's sunk quite a bit of money into finding her and getting back what he considers his investment money.

Andrew's personality is that of a refined gentleman who knows the ins and outs of etiquette and expects to be treated with respect. He's intelligent, cunning, and a little ill-tempered now and again. Most other aspects of his background and personality are open-ended.

Feel free to @mail or page Lily in-game if you need help fleshing out a background for him or have any questions.