Tanner Fitzgerald Hall
Portrayed by Jim Parsons.
Age 20s
Gender Male
Faction CIA
Contact Van

Basic Info

Even the American James Bond is going to need someone's nerves to get on. Tanner Fitzgerald Hall is the CIA's resident techno-guru-wiz-master-genius type. Trying to count how many degrees in robotics, engineering, multiple sciences and whatever else would probably be a waste of precious time. Besides, just ask him and he'll gladly spout them off for you.

Pompous Jackass could prove to be one way to describe Fritz (a nickname which he doesn't particularly care for, by the by) and his fascination (ahem. obsession) with building the better mouse trap could prove to be both annoying and useful in the long run. He may also be a bit "mad", so be careful. He knows he's the best at what he does and his superior attitude may prove to be his downfall…

… but not today.