Ivy Serrano
Ivy Serrano
Portrayed by Kat Dennings.
Age Early 20s
Gender Female
Faction Civilian
Contact Lip

Basic Info

Ivy Serrano is the lusciously lethal offspring of Vincent Serrano. She has a lot of the same qualities as her father, which tends to make her a hit with the bad boys. She will punch you in the face just so you're dazed already when she kisses you. It's kind of difficult to keep up with the chronic mood swings or even to measure where you stand with someone like Ivy.

The most important thing to know about her is that she'll gladly take over the family business the moment she gets the opportunity. She's a badass, she knows it and will do whatever she wants to whomever she wants because, in the end, she knows Daddy will fix it.

Lip Connection: Ivy's connection to Lip is that of known associates. They run in the same criminal circles and Lip has been a contract driver for the Serrano family. Vincent doesn't like Lip, at all.