Melinda Isabella Langston-Fields
Portrayed by Halle Berry.
Age 30s or 40s?
Gender Female
Faction F5
Contact Lip

Basic Info

Melinda Langston was nothing until she met her husband, Harvard Fields. Yes, his parents named him after the prestigious school. Anyway, the moment they fell in love, they got married and Melinda was whisked away from her mediocre life and into that of the high life! She became a fierce socialite and trophy wife!

Then Harvard Fields turned up dead.

Her husband's murder unsolved and his inheritance left to charity, Melinda had nowhere to go but down to the common folk. She sold the Fields estate and lived on the money as long as she could… but constant attacks from tabloids and police and lawyers helped deplete her funds.

She met Lip at a club when he tried to hit on her and it was all downhill from there. Rumor has it that he never tapped that, but whatever. She signed on to help him run the ship and keep things on the up and up… at least on the surface.

Mel provides F5 with a familiar face, access into social circles they might not be used to and keen fashion tips. She's also very well versed in organization and problem solving. Not to mention she will not hesitate to smack a bitch down.

What A Twist: [REDACTED]
FYI: Lip did tap that.

Hint: Don't Judge This Book By Its Beautiful Cover.