Portrayed by Thomas Dekker.
Age 18-19
Gender Male
Faction Division
Contact Ashley

Basic Info

Note: The actor can be changed, it was just how I'd envisioned him.

Paxton is a Division recruit who recently 'died' in a fiery motorcycle wreck. In actuality, he was plunged into the world of Division, a top secret government-based agency that is intent on training him to be a spy.

What Division and Paxton didn't count on was the fact that his estranged father is still on the look out for him.

This character is fairly open-ended. He has some experience in thievery and con artistry, but personality can be left up to whomever applies. Before he 'died', Paxton had a shaky relationship with his inattentive father. Paxton never really knew his mother, who died when he was just a baby. He's a very solitary person, making him perfect for the life of a Division agent.

If you'd like help fleshing this character out, feel free to @mail or page Ashley in-game.