Portrayed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Age 30s
Gender Male
Faction F5
Contact Lip

Basic Info

Rome is a fun-loving, comical guy that will beat your ass seven ways from last October's first Sunday while playing PS3 and drinking a glass of milk. Breaking the 'Big Brute' stereotype, Rome has always been a big dude and always been athletic and always been capable of beating down anyone that gets in his way… he just chose not to. He channeled his energy and aggression into sports, where he excelled.

Unfortunately, college ball was a far as he was destined to go. Too many parties to actually pay attention in school, he ended up with nothing to fall back on. Oddjobs were worked until he fell in with Lip and got involved in F5.

He works with the gang as the group's muscle and powerhouse, while also working the underground fighting circuit to bring in cash for both himself and F5.