Portrayed by Ariana Grande.
Age 16 - 18
Gender Female
Faction F5
Contact Lip

Basic Info

Scout is one of the teenagers on the F5 scene. Either a runaway or an orphan, Scout has found a new home with F5 and she's loving every minute of it. Contrary to most orphan backstories, Scout comes complete with the biggest optimism streak in the history of runaways. She's perky, bubbly and practically always smiling about something. It's downright Kapowski!

There are two things in this world that she cannot live without…

1) Music.
2) Russ (His Cooking is THE BEST!)


Other than that, she's definitely got the potential to be a great asset to F5, in that she's the perfect Snitch and Lookout. She knows these New York streets like the back of her hand and she's got a personality that makes her not even seem like she's 'gang related'.

What A Twist: Girl Of A Thousand Voices.
Catch Phrase: "OMG!"