Zory Egorov
Zory Mikhailovich Egorov
Portrayed by Taylor Kitsch.
Age Late 20s
Gender Male
Faction Gogol
Contact Nadia

Basic Info

Zory is Nadia's protective older brother and the reason she ended up involved with Gogol in the first place. He's a promising up-and-comer in the ranks, running weapons for the organization. A bit of a hot head and troublemaker, his loyalty to Gogol has been questionable in the past, and they make no bones about using his sister as leverage to keep him compliant.

Currently, he's still working out of Russia, but does not like the idea of his baby sister alone in New York - and without him to protect her from Gogol's manipulation and others who might do her harm - so he's trying to convince his superiors to transfer him to America as well (obviously, if a player takes him, these efforts would be successful).

Zory Egorov is his real name, although he would likely be operating under an alias. So you're free to use whatever name you want for his cover.