Eden L. Winter

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Portrayed by Diane Kruger

Eden Lynn Winter
Known Aliases: Winter, Eve
Date of Birth: Sept 22, 1981 (age 29)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Independent
Position: Underground
Specialty: Programming
Fame: Pool, Legs and being slippery.

PhD Hacker

A graduate of Brown University, Eden has her PhD in Computer Science. Having worked for an independent contractor as a test hacker for government security programs, she was soon 'let go' from her job after nearly a year of time under her belt.

Because of this parting of ways from her previous company she started showing up as a blip whenever an independent hacker was needed. She was seen in the company of another senior hacker (in years), Gregory Jenson.

Mr. Jenson was said to have disappeared and soon after Eden fell off the grid and no job has her name tag for the past couple of months.
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Watch For

  • Missing partner, Gregory Jenson - for several months now. - Eden believes he was taken by an opposing contractor or group that they were scheduled to hit next.
  • Since Greg's disappearance Eden has fallen off the face of the hacker community. She has gone silent for the sake of her own safety.
  • She is actively hunting for Gregory when the coast is clear.
  • Eden has fallen back to drinking - which could kill her if she's not careful.
  • Eden is constantly moving locales and homes to make sure she's not being tailed.


"Any odd decorations Jeffrey Dommer, and I will skull check you with my helmet..be warned."

"Am I okay to drive? Juries still out drinking..let me get back to you on that."


jenson.jpg Gregory Jenson Partner in hacker-for-hire. Missing several months.